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Company Registration

Company Formation Service in Bangladesh
Company Formation Service in Bangladesh

Proprietorship (Not for foreigner)

To setup proprietorship business you must require to obtain follows:

  • Trade License from City Corporation (Union Parishodh)
  • Bank Account
  • Income Tax Certificate (TIN)
  • VAT Certificate (Require a bank solvency certificate)

Fees: Expected Fee of Taka 3000 to above as government fee depend on nature of business. Moreover signboard display fee is Taka 500+ less than 600 and VAT is 15% of government fee.

Duration: 1-2 days for Trade License and 3-5 days for VAT certificate.

Partnership (Not for foreigner)

To register a partnership business follow the necessary requirement:

  • Partnership Agreement
  • Trade License
  • Income Tax Certificate
  • VAT Certificate (Collect bank solvency from bank)

Fees and duration: This fee is almost same like proprietorship

Limited Liability Company For Foreigners

To register LLC must follow:

  • Company Incorporation from RJSC (for all)
  • Trade License (for all)
  • Income Tax Certificate (for all)
  • VAT Certificate (for all)
  • Membership from Chamber of Commerce (for export import business)
  • IRC and ERC license (for export import business)
  • Environment Certificate (for manufacture company)
  • Fire License (for manufacture company)
  • BIDA Permission
  • Manpower Permission

Fees: RJSC fee depend on authorised capital, let authorised capital is Taka 20 Lac, government fee is amounting in Taka 7070/-. Others official and unofficial costs are excluded. Membership from Chamber of commerce is Taka 30000-50000. IRC and ERC fee depend on total amount of yearly export and import volume. Contact us for quotation.

Reference: http://app.roc.gov.bd:7781/psp/rjschome

RJSC fee to register a company
RJSC fee for company registration

Duration: Expected days are required 35 to 60 to complete all above permission.

Branch Office of Foreign Company

To register branch/ representative office in Bangladesh must follow the necessaries:

  • Board Meeting Resolution from the directors of parent company
  • A form must sign and fill up by legal representative
  • Appointment letter of representative in Bangladesh
  • Remit USD 50,000 to the bank account with next 3 months from issuance of the permission letter of BIDA/ BEPZA.
  • Tenancy Agreement of the company in Bangladesh
  • Expected date of commencing business in Bangladesh
  • Source of the fund
  • Certified copies of parent company of company incorporation
  • Audit report of parent company

Fees: Expected fee in Taka 30000-40000. Other fee is excluded.

Duration: Expected days 15 to 30.