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Accounting Services in Bangladesh

As our practice is doing business transaction by cash, Bkash and sometimes banks but do not keep record of transaction and purpose. Hence, end of the month and year creates issue of income and loss calculation from business. We call the accountants/ accounting firm to prepare full accounts of the year and bear extra money as costing. Auditors ask for supporting papers of each transaction that makes the clients hassle.

What we offer for our clients?

To hassle free accounts preparation on monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis by low budget and speedy service. Our clients (businessman) will preserve supporting papers of the months and forward our team member to prepare complete accounts. We will do prepare follows:

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Income and Loss accounts
  3. Ledger (Cash Flow)
  4. Equity update
  5. Bank reconciliation

Sample of accounting key points


Non-current assets
Fixed Assets (at cost less depreciation)
Preliminary expenses
Current assets
Cash & cash equivalents
Advance Rent
Owners’ equity
Share capital
Retained earnings
A/C Payable (ABC)
A/C Payable (TRU)
A/C Payable (XYZ)
Accrued expenses
TOTAL EQUITY & LIABILITIES   Income Statement (IS) Revenue/Bill Received Less: Direct Expenses Purchase  VAT Gross profit Less: Operating Expenses Less: Financial charges Net profit before tax Less: Advance/Source Tax Net profit After tax

Fees of monthly accounting services

Accounting (financial statement) fee vary on number of bank transaction and volume. Let us know your expected monthly sales invoice and bank statement to receive quotation. For information, our professional fee is claimed as lower as possible to bring happiness on the face of clients.

Required documents to start of the accounting service :

1. Sales Invoice

2. Purchase invoice

3. Bank statement

4. Payment voucher

5. Salary listing / Pay slip

6. Statement and receipt of statutory contribution

7. Tenancy agreement (If any)

8. Employment letter for staff

9. Others relevant docs to prepare accounting

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